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Trip to Machu Picchu Uyuni salt flats, Travel through Peru and Bolivia in 12 days.

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Machu Picchu And Uyuni Tour. 12 day tour to Peru Bolivia, explore, enjoy and live the adventure of traveling in South America with a tour package all included.

Trips to Peru Bolivia, Organized tours to Machu Picchu Uyuni, South America 12 Days Trip -TOUR CODE : TP-12DPEBOADV

Overview :

The children of the sun God sent to earth to found an empire, died 500 years ago but the glory of their civilization has managed to survive to this day, as a testament to his greatness. A military and religious state it has been so well organized that still cause admiration to the historians.a lake on top of the world, navigate its waters and explore its islands, their tribes and customs, the world's highest navigable lake, Titicaca Lake. This Tour package can be done in regular group service or private service. The following shows the summary of this tour itinerary.

Travel packages to Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca and Salt Flats Uyuni 12 Days

Day 1. Arriving to Lima city

Airport pick up + transfer to Lima hotel.
PRE briefing in your hotel.
Hotel night in Lima city

Day 2. Flight to Cuzco + Archaeological tours + main attractions

.Lima Hotel pick up + transfers to the airport.
Flight Lima to Cuzco city (1:15 hrs.).
p.m. Guided visit to the city of Cusco , main attractions like Cathedral , Coricancha temple , San Blas artisanal street, main square
The tour begins13:20 p.m. . . . with a hotel pick up .
Guided visit to 04 archaeological sites like: Sacsayhuaman , Qenqo , Pucapucara , Tambomachay.
Hotel night in Cusco city

Day 3. Full day tour to Machu Picchu, escorted tour

Breakfast in the hotel
Hotel pick up & transfer to Poroy Cusco train station
Travel to Machu Picchu by Train
Arrival to Aguas Calientes & transfer to bus terminal
Ascent by bus to Machu Picchu
Guided tour of the Inca citadel (2 to 3 hrs.)
Bus return to Aguas Calientes & transfer to train station
Train journey Aguas Calientes (Machu Picchu) to Cusco city
Hotel drop off.
Overnight in Cusco city Hotel.

Day 4 . Full day tour "route of the sun" Cusco to Puno.

Breakfast in the hotel
Hotel pick up & transfer to bus terminal
First class bus on the route Cusco to Puno well known as The Route of the Sun
Guided tour on route visiting: Andahuaylillas village, Raqchi temple, Sicuani village , La Raya Pass ( 4335 m.a.s.l. ) Pukara museum,
All entrances to the sights, buffet lunch included
Arrival to Puno: Transfer from bus terminal to Puno hotel selected.
Hotel night in Puno

Day 5. Full day boat excursion to Lake Titicaca, Uros Floating Islands + Taquile Traditional island

Breakfast in the hotel
Hotel pick up & transfer to boarding dock on the lake
Half day boat excursion to Lake Titicaca
Guided visit to Uros floating Islands
Guided visit to Taquile traditional island
Lunch in Taquile island
Hotel night in Puno

Day 6. Bus trip Puno Peru to La Paz Bolivia via Copacabana

Breakfast in the hotel
Hotel pick up & land transfer to bus terminal Copacabana
Bus trip Puno to La Paz city via Copacabana .
Arrival to La Paz city, hotel drop off .
Hotel night in La Paz  

Day 7. La Paz classic city Tour +Moon valley + Bus Trip to Uyuni

Breakfast in the hotel
a.m. Hotel pick up & guided visit to La Paz city , Moon Valley
evening to your leisure
19:00 p.m. hotel pick up + transfer to bus terminal
Nightly bus trip La Paz city to Uyuni Town

Day 8. Salt Flats Uyuni - Colchani - Incahuasi

08:00 a.m. arrival to Uyuni town and pick up
Guided tour to Uyuni Salt Flat: Inca: Colchani town, Salt Hotel, Incahuasi Island
Lunch + Dinner
Rest of the day to your leisure to explore the Salt flat.
Overnight in salt flat local's house

Day 9 . Salt Flats Uyuni - Atulcha - Paco León - lakes - Red Lagoon

Breakfast in salt flat local's house
07:00 a.m. We will pass through the Chuguana desert area
View of extinct volcanoes plus the semi active Ollague
We will pass by high altitude lagoons that are home to 3 species of flamingo,
Desert of Siloli and the “tree of rock”
“Laguna Colorada” or Red Lagoon, an amazing red colored lake. Here we will find the night accommodations.
Lunch, dinner included
Overnight in salt flat local's house

Day10. Siloli desert - Geysers - Hot Springs - Green Lagoon - Uyuni to La Paz .

Breakfast in salt flat local's house
05:00 a.m. Sunrise geysers and see the bubbling mud pools and steam jets
Hot springs where you will have a chance to relax in the warm water (breakfast here) 
Continue to Green Lagoon via Dali desert at the foot of Volcan Licancabur
Return journey back to Uyuni where we arrive approximately 16.30
rest of the day to your leisure
22:00 p.m. Nightly Bus trip Uyuni town to La Paz city
Hotel night in Uyuni town

Day 11 . La Paz city to your leisure

In La Paz: Arrival to La Paz + transfer to your hotel selected
Rest of the day to your leisure.
Hotel night in La Paz city.        

Day 12. International Flight

Breakfast in the hotel
Rest of the day to your leisure
At time transfer back to the airport for your international flight back home.

Description Visit Machu Picchu and Salt Flats Uyuni 12 Days

Day 1 Arrival to Lima city.
Upon arrival to Lima city, a local tour guide will meet you at international airport, the guide assigned will be waiting holding a sign and your name on it with a logo of Trippers Peru .Then will bring you to your hotel selected where you will have a pre briefing of your tour in Peru.
Overnight in Lima city hotel.
01 night of accommodation in Lima,

Day 2 . Cuzco classic city tour & 04 archaeological ruins
a.m. Lima's hotel pick up and transfer to the airport for your flight to Cusco city ( included) , Upon arrival to Cusco city, a representative of your Agency will pick you up in the airport and bring you to your hotel, you will receive information of your tour activities in the city.
Rest of the morning leisure to acclimatize.
Around 13:30 hrs. our guide will pick you up in your hotel and bring you to the meeting point for the classic Cusco city tour & main attractions that involves : - The Cathedral - : Cusco Cathedral is a Baroque-style cathedral built on the foundations of the palace of the Inca Wirachocha in Cusco. Construction began in 1550, using many stones looted from the site of the hillside Sacsayhuaman fortress, and was completed a century later. It is considered one of the most splendid Spanish colonial churches in America. Within the cathedral's high walls are some of the best examples of the Cusqueña School of painting, including a Marcos Zapata painting of the Last Supper with a local specialty, cuy (guinea pig), as main course.
The cathedral's centerpieces are its massive, solid-silver altar, and the enormous 1659 Maria Angola bell, the largest in South America, which hangs in one of the towers. The cedar choir has carved rows of saints, popes, and bishops, all in stunning detail down to their delicately articulated hands. Five chapels flank each side of the nave; one dedicated to Nuestro Señor de los Temblores (Our Lord of the Earthquakes) contains a solid-gold crucifix that, legend has it, minimized damage to the chapel during a 1650 earthquake. There’s no-Christian imagery in Cusco Cathedral too: figures of pumas, the Inca representation of the earth, are carved on the enormous main doors Normal access to the cathedral is not via those doors but through the adjoining Iglesias del Triunfo, the city's first Christian church.

Cusco - The Koricancha Palace and Convent of Santo Domingo. Koricancha is a classic example of the fusion of Inca and Western cultures, and was one of the most important temples in the Tahuantinsuyu. Its finely polished stone walls were used as the foundations of the Convent of Santo Domingo. The temple walls were said to have been sheathed in gold and silver, it was dedicated to sun worship, as well as containing images of the gods of thunder and Wiracocha, deities brought from various regions and the mummified bodies of Inca rulers. The temple worship was reserved for the highest-ranking figures of the era, and was visited by representatives of communities all over the empire to render homage to the gods of the Tahuantinsuyu. The tour continues visiting 4 archeological complexes located around the city:
- Sacsayhuaman.- Sacsayhuaman is one of the most amazing Incas constructions for tourists. Its Quechua name means "satisfied falcon", it was the falcon that guarded the capital of the empire, since it was possible to overlook Cusco from the hill in where it was erected. If, as it is known, Cusco was designed with the shape of a lying puma, Sacsayhuaman would be its head, and the Coricancha would correspond to the feline's genitalia. It is said that the work was started by Pachacutec and continued by Tupac Yupanqui, even though some chroniclers state that it was Huayna Capac who gave it the final touch. Inca Garcilaso de la Vega says that Apu Huallpa Rimachi was the main architect, and that Inca Maricanhi, Acahuana Inca and Calla Cunchuy successively took control of the works.
Its construction took over seven decades and required the work of 20,000 men approximately, both for the foundations and hewn stone works, the transportation of materials, carving and stones setting. Hewn stones could have been located at Muina, Huacoto and Rumicolca, 20 kilometers away from Cusco, and at closer places such as Sallu,Rumi, Chita, Curovilca and Viracocha. Sacsayhuaman Some of its external walls exceed the 9 meters of height and 350 tons of weight.
Spectacular fortress built with huge carved rocks jointed with absolute accuracy, this astounding sample of the Incan military architecture is, undoubtedly, the greatest architectonic work of the Tahuantinsuyo. But, in addition, it proves the undeniable firmness of the great administrative capacity of the empire and its powerful logistic system capable of mobilizing and organizing such a work.
It is located 2 km away from the city of Cusco, that is, 10 minutes by car. As of the Spanish arrival its aspect has changed a lot, since this fortress was used as a hewn stone to build the colonial Cusco.
- Qenqo.- At 4 and 6 km, 5 minutes to the northeast of Cusco, by asphalted road, we can find the two archaeological sites of Qenqo: Qenqo Grande, which is located near the road that goes from Sacsayhuaman to Pisac; and Quenko Chico, which is located at 350 meters to the west from the latter, on the hillside. Both of them are worship places whose nature has not been deciphered yet, but in which we can highlight the Inca's predilection for stone and their thoroughness with regard to the carving process. These sites are limestone outcrops on which intricate mythical representations had been carved. It is believed that it was destined to the worship of the land. Its Quechua name means zigzag, probably due to the labyrinthine underground galleries, or due to the small channels carved on rocks with that shape.
- Puca-Pucara.- Located at 7 km to the northeast of the city, by the road leading to Pisac (30 minutes by car and 2 hours on foot), we find this inca site which Quechua name means "red fortress" due to the color of the rocks when the twilight reflects on them. (puca = red and pucara = fortress or defended place). It would deal about a military building made up by overlapping terraces, interior squares, aqueducts, watchtowers, high walls and staircases.
However, Its presence along the road may also indicate that it was a wayside inn, though its structure does not belong to the standard outlining that characterizes those buildings along the Inca trails. On this possibility, there is a version that says the Inca accommodated there his numerous delegations each time he decided to visit the Tambomachay baths. The site occupies another typical rocky place standing out in the Sacsayhuaman plain. Towards the western side, it shows a facade on a free area like a small square. On the opposite site, there is a medium size building, which main characteristic is its strategic location since it controls the whole surrounding territory.
- Tambomachay.- Tombo Machay, 7 km northeast of Cusco, is believed to have been built around 1500 AD.This site, sometimes referred to as Inca's Bath or El Baño del Inca, is thought to have been used for religious functions. Some theories suggest Tambo Machay was involved in an Inca water cult. Fountains or waterfalls fed by spring water were used to channel water to a ceremonial stone bath. The fountains are still functional at this well preserved site. Above the baths is an Inca wall. Tambo Machay is located in a sheltered area about 300m off the road to Pisac.Frequency:everyday in the afternoons.
Around 18:00 p.m. we will return to Cuzco city and drop you off in your hotel, rest of the night leisure to explore the city by night.
1 night of accommodation in Cusco.

Day 3 Full Day Tour to Machu Picchu, Escorted Tour.
After your breakfast we will drive to  Ollantaytambo train station and start our journey to Machu Picchu . After leaving the village oMachu Picchu f Ollantaytambo, the train will start to descend more and more, along the edge of the Urubamba River, till finally reach the cloud forest. After approximately 2 hours we will have arrived in Aguas Calientes, where a representative from our agency will welcome you and then will escort to the following bus terminal that will bring us to the main gate of Machu Picchu.

Guided tour in the Incan city of Machu Picchu will last about 2 hours, our professional and expert native guide will take you through the main streets and monuments of the temple, then the tourist will have free time to explore on your own the citadel taking pictures and enjoy an invaluable landscape.
At appropriate time we will return to aguas Calientes village ( train station)and travel by train to the city of Cusco.
Upon arrival in Cusco, our local guide will take you to your hotel where you will spend the night..
the trip back to Cusco takes approx. 4: hrs..
01 night of accommodation in Cusco

Day 4. Travel from Cusco to Puno : Route of the Sun

After your breakfast, Early pick up at your hotel and transfer to boarding your Guided Tourist Bus to Puno city from Cusco,you will be in a modern full equipped Bus with a tour guide that will take you on a tour visiting picturesque villages , temples, museums . Including all entrances fees, Lunch, Bilingual Guide, and SS.HH.Cusco to Puno Route
Our Bus will stop in different points of the route in order to visit and explore with our local guide all destinations detailed below: .
A 40 km. Cusco is Andahuaylillas small district awaits us with its main square pintorezca naturally decorated Pisonay (Erythrina edulis) coral tree and its colonial church crowned jewel of Baroque architecture mestizo that developed in Cusco, known as the” Sistine Chapel of America “ship because of its richly decorated and framed in gold leaf Andahuaylillas Church is an essential destination on the route Cusco - Puno.
The archaeological site of Raqchi is a temple built by the Incas to worship the God Viracocha. This magnificent work of architecture in stone and clay has a rectangular 92 meters long and 25 wide. The most striking is a central wall 12 meters high with a stone base and body of adobe. On both sides of the wall one can see the basis of 22 cylindrical columns. The set also has rooms for Inca nobility.
On the outskirts of the city of Sichuan is the restaurant "Buffet Andino" site that has been specially equipped and ready to receive passengers from TRIPPERS PTO. This is where you can enjoy a well-prepared buffet prepared with Andean finely balanced with the secrets of international cuisine. At the time of rest after lunch you can use to buy or just admire the Andean handicrafts on display in the courtyard of this place.
Midpoint in the Puno - Cusco which is the highest part of this tour, here you can see beautiful snowy landscapes, fauna of the place (llamas, alpacas and vicuña). It also is the meeting of two cultures ancestral geographic, Quechua and Aymara, from this point are evident Scenic idiosyncratic differences between Puno and Cusco, locals offers different clothing made of Alpaca like, Scarfs,Sweater, Globes tourist has the chance to obtain those for a very good price..
Alcra Pukara Museum is located 100 km north of Puno, is a population that has been found in the production of ceramic crafts its main economic activity. Also in this town that is named after the oldest culture in the highlands, including Tiahuanaco before, we find an ancient ceremonial center consists of a series of superimposed terraces of pyramidal form. A lithic museum presents a series of elements found in the exploration of this center.
Puno hosted the Tiahuanaco culture (800-1200 AD), the highest expression of the Aymara people that established themselves in what is now Peru and Bolivia. Today, this city was built on the shores of Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world, is home to the festival of the Virgin of Candelaria which is held in February each year and has Puno given the title of capital of Peruvian folklore.. Afterwards, we will drop you off at the your hotel in hotel in Puno where you will spend the night .
1 night of accommodation in Puno.

Day 5 . Excursión to Lake Titicaca , exploring the Islands , culture & traditions

the highest navigable lake in the world, the tribes of the waters and customs connected with nature as part of this unique experience on Lake Titicaca.
09:00 hrs. after your breakfast ,our local guide early in the morning will pick you up from your hotel in Puno and drive to the lake's dock. We start off our boat excursion of Lake Titicaca by visiting “The Uros Floating Islands”,

Titicaca a small community that has lived on these reed Islands for decades. Centuries ago the small indigenous Uros tribe conceived of the islands as a way to isolate and protect themselves from rival tribes, the Collas and the Incas. The Uros people harvested the reeds in the shallows of the lake, bundled them together tightly and built floating island platforms complete with reed houses and canoes, creating in this way their own little world. On the islands we will learn with our local guide about the life style and customs. After strolling around the floating Islands, we continue our journey towards “Taquile Island” (2 hour approx.), a traditional Quechua speaking community, full of ancient agricultural terraces. The Taquile population was relatively isolated from the mainland until 1950s, and the notion of the community and family is still very strong among them. The weaving tradition of the Taquile Island goes back to early civilizations, thus keeps elements from pre-Inca Andean cultures alive in the present. All weaving is done on pre-Inca fixed and pedal looms. The most characteristic garments are the so-called “Chullo”, a knitted hat with an earflap, and “The Calendar Waistband”, depicting the annual cycles connected to ritual and agricultural activities. When we reach the shores of Taquile Island, we will have to walk up along a narrow path, enjoying on the way impressive views of the Lake Titicaca and also see gorgeous little houses inhabited by the direct decedents of the Inca Culture. At the top of the Island, you will have free time to explore this place on your own and afterwards you will meet the group for lunch at one local restaurant. After lunch, we will descent to the harbor to take our boat back to Puno. We will be back in Puno by 17:00 hrs. approximately.and continue to your hotel.
1 night of accommodation in Puno.

Day 6 . Bus Trip Puno Peru to La Paz Bolivia .
Copacabana07:00 a.m After breakfast hotel pick up and early transfer to the bus terminal fo Puno city where you will follow the route of Copacabana and La Paz city in Bolivia. the trip follows along the Lake titicaca until the arrival to the village of Copacabana , simply enjoy a spectacular view of the world's highest navigable lake, the bus leaves at 08:00 am, leave after 2 hour you will arrive to the town of Copacabana territory which belongs to Bolivia and in turn located on the shores of Lake Titicaca (Bolivian side) we will process our entry into Bolivia, passing through the immigration office to register our visit, and then continue the trip to the city La Paz ( Change of Bus) , you will appreciate the villages located on the shores of great lake then arrive to the highest part of the city of La Paz where you can fully appreciate it, gradually descend to tcity center where your guides will be waiting at the bus terminal to take you to your hotel and provide prior information his trip to Uyuni..La Paz, in Bolivia, is the highest administrative capital in the world, resting on the Andes’ Altiplano plateau at more than 3,500m above sea level. It stretches to El Alto city in the highlands, with snow-capped, 6,438m-high Mt. Illimani as its backdrop.
You will have the rest of the day to your leisure to explore the city on your own or simply rest and save energy for your next day trip to Uyuni Salt flat. .
01 night of accommodation in La Paz

Day 7 . Classic city tour in La Paz and Moon valley + Bus Trip La Paz to Uyuni Town

La Paz BoliviaAfter your breakfast, Early pick up at your hotel .for your classic City Tour in La Paz ,: at time hotel pick up for your classic city tour in La Paz and Moon valley,

During the tour we will appreciate the cultural, historical, architectural, and natural wealth. Visiting The Square Murillo, Cathedral, Palace of Government, Church of San Francisco, Viewer of Quilli Quilli, Gold Museum, Market of the Witches and the Valley of the Moon, located to 15 Km. of the city. The erosion has achieved after the years to form a group of astonishing stony formations that give the visitor the sensation of having discovered an unknown world. A true one and almost "real" lunar landscape. 
Included: Private transportation, bilingual guide,, entry to the museum and to the Valley of the Moon.

Our first stop is Plaza Murillo, where the Bolivian government is based. Our first stop is the immense Cathedral, after which we’ll visit the Presidential Palace, colloquially known as the Burnt Palace due to its near destruction in 1875 during a popular uprising.

After leaving the plaza we’ll head to our next stop, the 16th century San Francisco Church, whose stunning elaborate mestizo-baroque façade features blend indigenous symbols such as masks, dragons, tropical birds and snakes with Catholic imagery. A stone tunnel stairway from the neoclassical interior leads to the roof, which offers an arial of the church’s unique rooftops and of the city as well.Moon Valley La Paz

We’ll make brief stops at the replica of the semi-subterranean shrine of Tiwanaku and the natural scenic lookout of Quilli Quilli, which boasts the best panorama of southern, central, and northern La Paz as well as the slopes of the surrounding peaks. During Tupac Katari’s 1781 siege of Colonial La Paz, this spot was both a watchpost and prison.

Then it’s off to Bolivia’s richest museum, the Pre-Columbian Precious Metals Museum (formerly the Gold Museum). Its priceless pieces of finely-worked silver and gold, as well as bronze and ceramic relics, span 3,000 years and were excavated from archeological sites such as Tiahuacu’s Kalasaya Temple. Afterwards, we’ll stop at the small but refined National Folklore Museum to tour its stunning exhibits of bright woven unku capes, feathered headdresses, and ritual and festive masks.

At the Witches Market, you’ll see pre-Columbian Aymara beliefs in practice as locals buy products such as llama fetuses, dried frogs, potions, and talismans for use in rituals like the Ch’alla and offerings to it.

rest of the day at your disposal, at the time indicated we transfer to bus terminal to board the nightly bus from La Paz to Uyuni town

You will spend the night in the bus to Uyuni Town

Day 8 .La Paz - Salt Flats Uyuni - Colchani - Incahuasi Trip to Uyuni

After your breakfast, Early pick up at your hotel and transfer to the airport of El Alto in La Paz city for your flight to Uyuni (1 hr). Upon arrival to uyuni town , transfer to the office for Pre briefing before our excursion to the Salt flat. Around 10:00 a.m. we’ll head in our 4x4 Jeep to the world’s largest desert of salt, the Uyuni Salt Flats, whose surface holds 10 billion tons of salt and whose brine lake 7 to 66 feet beneath the salt crust contains 50-70% of the world’s lithium reserves.

At the one-street town of Colchani we’ll observe how the workers of a cooperative jointly owned among them use traditionally rustic methods of artisanal salt extraction. These are the only people who can exploit this natural resource. While there you’ll be able to see their salt-based artisan products as well.

During our next stop you’ll be able to see how locals can cope with scarce traditional building materials: the Salt Hotel in the center of Uyuni was once a functioning hotel made completely of salt from walls to beds, but Uyuni Salt Flats Toursnow operates only as a sort of museum.

Our next visit will be to Fish Island. In Uyuni, the “islands” are not literally islands but rather the tops of ancient volcanoes which were submered way back when Uyuni was part of a massive prehistoric lake, Lika Minchin. Their strange coral-like structures house colonies of the curly-tailed viscacha, an animal reminiscent of the rabbit. You’ll note the fossils and algae in their deposits and marvel before the giant 39ft cacti.

Our day ends in the small town of Chuvica, where we will spend the night in a family home. ( breakfast, lunch, dinner included).
1 night of accommodation in Salt Flats Uyuni family house.


Day 9 . Salt Flats Uyuni - Atulcha - Paco León - lakes - Red Lagoon

Uyuni ToursAfter breakfast we’ll depart for the Cañapa, Stinking, Chiarcota, Honda, and Radadita Lagoons, where we will watch the flamingos feeding. The stinking lagoon is aptly named due to the sulfur and algae in the water, but this same red algae gives color to the hundreds of flamingos at this lake

.In November, this area becomes a breeding ground for flamingos, including the rare James’s Flamingos, and other bird species.

Afterwards we will continue to the Siloli Desert, famous for its extraordinary eroded rock formations such as the Tree Stone. Siloli is considered part of the world’s driest desert, the Atacama, even though it’s only an hour from the colored lakes.

Our last stop is the Eduardo Abaroa National Park, the entrance to the Red Lagoon. Here, you will see three different kinds of flamingos and other diverse birds. We’ll spend the night in this spot ( breakfast, lunch, dinner included).
1 night of accommodation in Salt Flats Uyuni family house.

Day 10 Siloli desert - Geysers - Hot Springs - Green Lagoon - Uyuni Town. .
Uyuni Salt Flats

We’ll wake up early at 5:30 am, which will allow us to better appreciate the Sol de la Mañana (Morning Sun) Geysers, where we will have our breakfast while observing these noisy fumaroles which explode through surface holes and mud pools every few seconds.

Afterwards we’ll head to the Chalvin Desert to relax in the natural hotsprings.

Then it’s off to the beautiful Green Lagoon, a green lake whose mirror-like waters reflect Licancabur Volcano, at whose base it lies.Finally, we must return to the town of Uyuni around 17:00 p.m.

Upon arrival to the town of Uyuni the clients will have free time to explore the town before you the nightly bus trip back to La Paz city departs at 21:00 p.m. approx. ( bus ticket included)
Nightly Bus trip to La Paz city


Day 11 .La Paz city to your leisure

La Paz Boliviaa.m. After your arrival from the town of Uyuni, your tour guide will pick you up in the bus terminal to La Paz city and bring you to your hotel selected where you will have the rest of the day to your leisure. La Paz city Bolivia, administrative capital (since 1898) and largest city of Bolivia. The constitutional capital is Sucre. La Paz, the highest capital in the world, lies at an altitude of c.12,000 ft (3,660 m) and is crowded into a long, narrow valley cut by the La Paz River. The site, where there was an Inca village, was chosen by Alonso de Mendoza in 1548 because it offered a modicum of protection in winter from the wind and cold of the barren high plateau c.1,400 ft (430 m) above. Because of the narrowness of the valley, the city could not be laid out in the customary Spanish gridiron pattern. The Plaza Murillo, named after the independence leader Pedro Domingo Murillo, with the national palace, cathedral, and other buildings, is small; there are only a few broad, long avenues, and the streets ascend steeply on either side. Since the climate is generally cool and extreme variations in temperature are common, what flowers and trees there are must be carefully tended. La Paz's location on colonial trade routes made it the commercial and political focus of colonial life; some of the colonial architecture remains. La Paz is an agricultural market and has light manufacturing industries. Its Univ. of San Andrés was founded in 1830, and a Catholic university in 1966. There are extraordinary tourist attractions in the region, notably the Andean peaks Illimani and Illampú, Lake Titicaca, the ruins of Tiahuanaco, and the adjacent tropical yungas. The city's full name is La Paz de Ayacucho, after a Bolivian victory at Ayacucho, Peru, in the war for independence (1809–25).

1 night of accommodation in La Paz city

Day 12 .La Paz - International flight back home

Breakfast in your hotel, at time transfer to the airport in order to abord your international flight back home, end of our services.

This tour Includes :
Professional guide in English or Spanish
All private transfers in Lima : Airport - Hotel - Airport
1 Hotel night in Lima city
Flight tickets Lima to Cusco
All transfers In/ Out . Airport - Hotel - Bus terminal
All Transfer In/ Out Hotel - Train Station - Hotel
Cusco classic city tour + main attractions + 04 archaeological ruins + BTC ( Boleto Turistico Cuzco )
Travel to Machu Picchu full day trip
Train tickets Cuzco - Aguas Calientes - Cuzco .
Round trip bus tickets to/ from the citadel Machu Picchu
Entrance tickets for the Citadel of Machu Picchu
Guided tour in the citadel of Machu Picchu (approx. 3 hours).
2 night in Cusco city hotel (food and beverages are on your own)
Guided bus tour from Cusco to Puno "Route of the Sun " lunch included , entrances , bilingual guide.
Full Day Boat excursion to Titicaca lake Visiting Uros Floating Island, Taquile Island, Lunchy, entrances , bilingual guide.
Bus trip Puno city to La Paz
2 Nights of Hotel in La Paz
All private transfers In / Out in La Paz
Half Day Classic city tour in La Paz + Moon Valley ( bilingual guided tours , entrances tickets )
Flights Tickets La Paz - Uyuni - La Paz ( this route can be done by Bus in order to make this package cheaper ) See Peru Bolivia Adventure 12D
3 Days 2 Nights Excursion to Salt Flats Uyuni ( all meals, bilingual guide, entrances tickets included)
2 nights in local family house in Uyuni.
daily tours in Uyuni Salt Flats
1 Night of Hotel in Uyuni town
24/7 personalized assistance

The package does not include:
International or domestic flights
Extra tips or gratitudes

To qualify as a student, you must have valid ISIC card.
Including Hotel services and improved train services they must be requested in advance.

What to wear for the tour:
Original passport, International Student Card (ISIC) if applicable as a student
Shoes, waterproof jacket, rain poncho (Dec-Mar), shirts, pants
Sun hat, sunscreen, bottled water and personal medicines
Shorts, swimsuit, camera, extra cash
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Map of the route Puno Bolivia Trip - South America Tours

Hotels assigned for this trip will be provided by Trippers Peru , your hotel is included in the rate , the prices change according to the Hotels type you select for this trip,

  Hotels in Lima
Sheraton Lima by Starwood - Hotel Estelar Miraflores - Melia LIma - Pardo Double Tree
La Hacienda - San Agustin Exclusive - Dazzler Lima - Four Points by Sheraton
Ducado Hotel - Qorianka Hotel - Allpa Hotel - Carmel - Britania - Nobility Hotel
El Faro Inn - Inka Frog - Porta Guest House - Angiolina Hosteria - Buena Vista Hostal
Hotels in Cusco
Marriott - Aranwa Boutique
Monasterio - Palacio del Inka
Eco Inn - Picoaga - SA Dorado
Royal Inka - Tecte - HatunWasi
Eco Packers - VIP House - Carlos V
Hotels in Sacred Valley Urubamba
Casa Andina Urubamba - Aranwa Valle Sagrado
Tambo del Inka - Inkallpa
Hotel Agustos - Sacred Dreams - San Agustin
Tunupa Lodge - Ollantaytambo Lodge - Qasana
Casa de Mama Valle - Hotel Sol Ollantay - Wayras
  Hotels in Machu Picchu
Sumaq -Sanctuary Lodge
Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel
Taypikala - Tierra Viva Machu Picchu - CasaAndina
Hanaqpacha Inn - Marco Wasi Hostel - Waman - Hatun Samay - Flowers House
Terrazas del Inca - Plaza Andina - Wiracocha
  Hotels in Puno
Libertador Lago Titicaca
Qalasaya Hotel Puno - Jose Antonio Puno - Royal Inn Puno - Eco inn Puno
Conde De lemos Inn - Casona Plaza Hotel - Qelqatani Hotel - Plaza Mayor Hostel
Utasa Hostel - Camino Real Turistico - Kantati Hostal Punpo - Los Uros Hostal
Hotels are subject to change according to the availability , rates are per person in USD

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Hotels are subject to change according to the availability , rates are per person in USD

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Tours to Machu Picchu, tour packages , group tours, Travel to Peru
1 Day Tour to Machu Picchu by Inca Rail
1 Day Tour to Machu Picchu by Peru Rail
2 Days Tour to Machu Picchu Huayna Picchu
2 Days Tour to Machu Picchu Sacred Valley
3 Days Tour to Machu Picchu by car
3 Days Tour to Cusco Machu Picchu Classic
3 Days Tour to Cusco Machu Picchu Express
3 Days Tour to Cusco Machu Picchu Relax
3 Days Tour to Cusco Machu Picchu Economic
3 Days Tour to Cusco Machu Picchu Luxury
4 Days Tour to Cusco Machu Picchu (overnight in Sacred Valley)
4 Days Tour to Cusco Machu Picchu (overnight in Machu Picchu)
5 Days Tour to Cusco Machu Picchu (overnight in Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu)
5 Days Tour to Cusco Maras Moray, Machu Picchu
6 Days Tour to Cusco South Valley, Tipon Pikillaqta, Sacred Valley, Maras Moray, Machu Picchu
6 Days Tour to Cusco Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, Puno, Titicaca Lake.
7 Days Tour to Cusco Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, Route of the Sun, Puno Titicaca Lake

TOurs from Port of Callao

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Peru tours including Machu picchu

Paracas + Cusco 6 Day

Travel to Peru, guided tours, visit Machu Picchu ,& the southern coast of Lima City Paracas reserve..

Peru tours including Machu picchu

Peru Best Tour 8 Day

Tours to Peru 8 days, visit Lima colonial historic center,, flight to Cusco , take a trip to Machu Picchu.

Peru tours including Machu picchu

Cusco + Tambopata 8 Day

Melting pot for greatestbiodiversity on the planet and a masterpiece of incas' architecture Machu Picchu .

Peru tours including Machu picchu

Cusco + Iquitos 9 Day

Tours to the father of rivers, the longest, widest, deepest and richest in the world and Machu Picchu .

Peru tours including Machu picchu

Peru Heritage 10 Day

The highest lake in the world, the tribes of the water and its many islands, travel to Machu Picchu ....

Peru tours including Machu picchu

Hidden Treasures 10 Day

Perú hides many treasures during your trip visit the father of the rivers, "the Amazon " & Machu Picchu ..

Peru tours including Machu picchu

Machu Picchu + Manu 10 D

Manu Biosphere reserve home to more species of animals &plants than any other forest in the world

Peru tours including Machu picchu

Inca Empire 1 0 Day

Our Trip lets us visit most important & impressive archaeological sites between Cusco and Machu Picchu

Peru tours including Machu picchu

Peru Adventure 11 Day

Most inspiring adventure holiday, overlapping trails, stunning landscapes imposing fortresses

Peru tours including Machu picchu

Peru Unforgetable 15 Day

Possibly one of the most popular & interesting circuits, a mix of tours activities from the coast to the Andes

Peru tours including Machu picchu

Archaeological Peru 15 Day

Visit the most impressive archaeological destinations of Perú, Archaeology's powerhouse

Peru tours including Machu picchu

Peru South Circuit 15 Day

Tour to Peru, start from Lima's Capital of Peru follows the southern coast and explore the Andes of Peru

Peru tours including Machu picchu

Cusco + Puno 6 Day

Machu Picchu & Lake Titicaca are popular destinations and visited by tourists, theirs natural beauty ...

Peru tours including Machu picchu

Origin of Cultures 16 Day

The Tour begins with one of the oldest tourist destinations in South America, 5000 years old ....

Peru tours including Machu picchu

Northern Kingdoms 16 Day

The pre-Inca cultures with more than 3,500 years old are north of Peru, We will travel to the past to visit

Peru tours including Machu picchu

Northern Kingdoms 18 Day

Our journey begins visiting northern Peru exploring Pre Inca o9cultures then continue south & visit Cuzco...

Tour in Peru Arequipa Cusco Puno 13 Days

Arequipa Puno Cuzco 13 D.

The most popular destination, a trip to the most beautiful nature of Southern & archaeological awaits

Peru tours including Machu picchu

Machu Picchu + Amazon 9 D

A trip to the longest navigable river in the world & Machu Picchu a master piece of the Architecture ...

Peru Bolivia Tours - travel packages Machu Picchu Uyuni

Peru Bolivia Deluxe 13 Day

Travel to Machu Picchu Peru , Bolivia Uyuni Salt flat, the perfect combination of nature & archeology.

Peru Bolivia Tours

Peru Bolivia Affordable 11 D

Machu Picchu& Uyuni Salt Flat , Tours , among the highlights and impressive destinations

Machu Picchu Uyuni tours

Peru Bolivia Adventure 12 D

For lovers of nature & adventure this trip will take you to the most remote places in South America

Peru Ecuador tours

Peru Ecuador Deluxe 12D

Total adventure in the archipielago Galapagos & the Andes of Peru Machu Picchu Deluxe cruise & Train

Machu Picchu Galapagos tours

Best of Peru Ecuador 12D

Tours to Peru Machu Picchu & Ecuador Galapagos, guided visit to destinations highlights...

Machu Picchu Galapagos tour packages

Inka Trail & Galapagos 16D

Full adventure to South America snorkel in the Galapagos Islands & hike the Inca Trail to Machu PIcchu

List of the 8 most recommended tours in Peru


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